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Symbol Chunks

Accidental (CHUNK)

Alternate Ending Graphic (CHUNK)

Arpeggio (CHUNK)

Articulation (CHUNK)

Augmentation Dot (CHUNK)

  • For more than one dot, store additional Augmentation Dot chunks.
  • When the dot is on a note or rest on a staff line, the vertical component of the Logical Placement tag can be used as follows:
  • Default anchor: Notehead
  • Tags: Logical Placement,

    Barline (CHUNK)

    Beam (CHUNK)

    Chord Symbol (CHUNK)

    Clef (CHUNK)

    Custom Graphic Symbol (CHUNK)

    Dynamic (CHUNK)

    Figured Bass (CHUNK)

    Fingering (CHUNK)

    shape BYTE 0 = finger 0 1 = finger 1 2 = finger 2 3 = finger 3 4 = finger 4 5 = finger 5 Default anchor: Notehead chunk Reference point: Bottom left of text character

    Glissando (CHUNK)

    Guitar Grid (CHUNK)

    Guitar TAB Number (CHUNK)

    Hairpin (CHUNK)

    Harp Pedal Symbol (CHUNK)

    Key Signature (CHUNK)

    Key Signature - Nonstandard (CHUNK)

    Line (CHUNK)

    Lyric (CHUNK)

    Measure Numbering (CHUNK)

    MIDI Data Stream (CHUNK)

    NIFF Font Symbol (CHUNK)

    Notehead (CHUNK)

    Octave Sign (CHUNK)

    Ornament (CHUNK)

    Parenthesis (CHUNK)

    Pedal (Piano) (CHUNK)

    Pedal (Organ) (CHUNK)

    Portamento (CHUNK)

    Rehearsal Mark (CHUNK)

    Repeat Sign (CHUNK)

    Rest (CHUNK)

    Slur (CHUNK)

    Stem (CHUNK)

    System Separation Mark (CHUNK)

    Tag Activate (CHUNK)

    Tag Inactivate (CHUNK)

    Tempo Marking (CHUNK)

    Tempo Marking Nonstandard (CHUNK)

    Text (CHUNK)

    Tie (CHUNK)

    Time Signature (CHUNK)

    Time Signature - Nonstandard (CHUNK)

    Tremolo (CHUNK)

    Tuplet (CHUNK)

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