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This is a playground page for experiments in music education software. The primary goal at the moment is the creation of a foundation for programming music notation software in python. This code is being tested in a music notation editor.

Project Status

The current code includes a basic API for essential musical elements (chords, rests, clefs, key signatures, time signatures, and barlines). It also contains a rudimentary layout algorithm and a graphical display of the music using wxPython. It is known to run on Linux and MacOSX (with a bit of tweaking). It should run on Windows as well, but it has not been tested.

Update, 8/19/2003: buildable code is now in CVS. It requires python 2.2 and wxPython or later. It also requires the XML packages for python, specifically the minidom. You also need to download the bitmaps.



wxSocketLineReader: wrapper class for wxSocketBase to allow easier handling of line-based protocols. Automatically buffers partial lines. (Updated 2003-03-24: handles CRLF, added documentation)



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About the Programmer

I am Brian Victor, a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and certified music teacher.

Unless otherwise indicated, all work is Copyright 2001-2003 Brian Victor. The shared_ptr library is available from www.boost.org. The rest of the program source code may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. MacOS, MacOS X, PDF, and Sourceforge are trademarks of their respective holders.

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